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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mongolia - Days 2 - 5

So here I am writing to you all again from Mongolia. It has been rather difficult because of the travelling to actually communicate via this forum. For that I apologize, and eagerly dive into the meat of what has been happening here. Our team started off in Ulaanbaatar for about a day and half. On day two in the morning time hours we were immersed in a course of language study. We learned the basics of telling people hello, goodbye, our names, etc. It was rather challenging for us, especially for Larry as he was so bumfuzzled that he began mispronouncing his own name. However it really opened our eyes to what our missionaries go through when they come to a new country and learn a language. For the first two years our missionaries pretty much do nothing except for study the language. After only a couple of hours we felt like our heads were going to explode, and so this experience opened our eyes on the importance of surrounding our missionaries in prayer as they learn the language. From there we travelled to the town of Darhann.

In Darhann we went to the CAMA Center, which is a medical clinic, where those patients who come not only get treated for thier physical ailments, but also get told about Jesus. The CAMA center also has several families working on other projects as well. One missionary couple is working on a water project, drilling wells for these people to be able to get fresh water. Jeremy and Krista actually have a well in front of their own home that about a hundred people a day come to to pump water. Pray for them that they would be able to use the well for evangelism. As of yet the well has not been used in an evangelistic manner, but it is the desire of their heart. Another family, Peiter and Haniki, are setting up what will be known as ABTC. ABTC is a theological eduction center where Mongolian Christians can be trained in leading in the church in Mongolia. ABTC is a very new project and hopes to start enrolling students in September.

Dr. Pham, from the clinic, shared with us how the Lord has been working through the clinic for just shy of a decade. Dr. Pham helps patients to get needed health care, and preventive medical training, but then points out to them that in the end no matter how good the doctor that they will die anyway. He then swings into the gospel with each patient that will listen and for the many, over 50 last year alone, who have come to Christ he begins a discipleship process.

From Darhann we traveled to Erdenet, where there is a relatively new Alliance church plant. The church there has about 15 believers meeting on Sundays, and on Saturdays runs a children's worship program where about 30 children attend. The church right now is working towards evangelizing the community, but needs prayer to overcome the enemy in this area. The primary religion in Mongolia is Tibetan Buddhism mixed with tribal shamanism. Satan has a very strong hold here, but by the grace of God we are seeing folks come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

Currently we are in Bulgan, with Jeremy and Renee. There family has lived in Bulgan only for six months, and is currently seeking inroads into the community so that they may share the message of Jesus. One of the ways the Alliance is trying to reach the people is by service projects. The Mongolian people herd a lot of cattle, sheep, goats, and horses. Jeremy is actually working on a service project that will teach the people here take the milk from the cattle to make cheese that ultimately will be exportable. Service projects such as these give the missionaries a platform from which to share their faith as Mongolian people actually see their faith helping others. Pray for Jeremy and Renee as they work through this idea and try do the Lord's will in this area.

Please continue to pray for our team as we seek how we may partner long term with those here in the field. May God give us a vision and heart for a people who desperately need to know him.


  • Thank you for taking the time to share, I'm sure you all must be exhausted! Very thoughtful of you.

    Keep splashing in His abundant grace and mercy and boldnes and faithfulness and strength and just dwelling in the great "I AM"

    Barbara M

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:50 PM  

  • We're praying for you guys (ESPECIALLY Larry...) every day!!! :-) J/K about Larry, but we are praying for you guys and we can't wait to hear the stories about what God is doing over there when ya'll get home!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:33 AM  

  • Jerry Larry and the others keep on keeping on God bless all of you and I will pray that God will keep you all safe and warm I love reading about your journey and can't wait to hear more. Jerry I love you stay safe I'm not worried though I trust the Lord will keep you safe.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11:59 PM  

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