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Monday, June 09, 2008

What's new in Clarksville?

I have been really bad as of late about blogging. A lot of you may be wondering what is new in Clarksville, and that is exactly why I have been so bad about actually blogging, and getting it out where people can read. We are going through a lot of ministry changes as our church here continues to grow and flourish. If you will indulge me a little I will write to you here in a few paragraphs and bring you all up to date. As well if you would please pray about what is happening here. Because God is leading us into God sized ministries that only He can do!

First most of you know that a team of five people from Crossroads took a vision trip to Mongolia not to long back. Well this coming Sunday that team is going to be presenting to the church that trip, and what we believe God is calling us to do in missions as a church. There are four major ministry partnerships that we are looking to enter into with the Mongolian field. Curious what they are? Be at church Sunday during one of the morning services to find out, or check next week online for Sunday's message.

Next Summer camp is right around the corner. Crossroads is doing a camp here locally this year and we are really excited about it, however it is a lot of work as well. This is the first time our church has ever done a camp like this on it's own. So be praying for us. We have right at forty (40) kids registered for this camp. We still have space for more, and are hoping God will bring thirty (30) more. Camp is only $130 per child for the week, and it is for any child that is school age, from elementary through high school.

Next we have hired a new staffer here at the church. Joe Salerno has come on as our new worship leader and audio/technical expert. Joe has had a lot of experience in the area of Worship Leading, and audio/technical ministries. Some of that experience includes being on staff at North Coast Church in San Diego, being interim worship leader at Trinity Church in San Antonio, and being on staff as an audio/technical person at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, which is the church Max Lucado pastors.

Speaking of Joe a lot of the reason Joe is on staff with us here is because of his vision for Great Commission church planting, and his technical experience to help us to get our vision to work. At Crossroads we have a vision to plant daughter churches not only locally, but around the globe. So how does a church have a global church planting impact? To answer that question we point to technology. Many churches are venturing into pod casts of their sermons, however at Crossroads we are getting ready to take pod casting to a whole new level. We currently are working with leaders inside the C&MA to plant a daughter church in Pennsylvania where we will have live worship lead by a real person and the sermon will come in via video from here in Clarksville. Sound exciting? It is! We don't have all the details worked out yet, but we will keep you informed as things move along. We also have our sights set on a daughter congregation in Nahsville TN, as well as one international congregation possibly that is halfway around the globe!

So as you can see things have been mega busy, and that is why I have been lacking. I apologize and ask you to continue to pray for us as we move forward advancing the Kingdom of God through these wonderful ministries both locally and abroad!



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