Crossroads Fellowship

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Neglected By The Church

As we try to reach the youth of our community with the gospel, it seems to us that one of the roughest group of kids out there are those who would label themselves skaters. These kids are foul mouthed, rude, rebellious, flirting with drugs, and the worst thing of all - neglected by the church. It seems that every church wants to grab the star athletes, the smart kids, the pretty girls, the doctor's kids, and the rest of those who look like they have something to offer the church, but no one wants to mess with the kids who look like they are gonna take a lot of energy. In many people's opinions skaters are just the dregs of the youth of our society. I hear adults in and out of the church talking about how these kids are so bad, and so destructive. Business owners and city officials run them off from everywhere if they see them skating because they are so "destructive." It is no wonder they are so bad, they are just being everything we have told them they already are.

However God has done a wonderful thing in Larry's heart as he changes him to want to reach out to these kids. Money has been spent to build a place for them to come and skate, time has been invested, and lives are being changed. This past Thursday we loaded up on the church bus and headed to a skate park in Nashville. It was a sight to see this church bus heading down the road with 41 teens and young adults, and another four "old people" heading to a place called Concrete Wave. It didn't look much like "church." Kids with piercings, dirty clothes, torn up shoes (it seems every skater in the world needs new shoes), I can't tell you how many times one of these kids cussed, and on the way back one of them even tried to smoke a cigarette on the bus. It was a REALLY REALLY GOOD day. You probably wouldn't even believe how respectfully they sat and listened to the presentation of the Gospel we made. We are going to do our best to make sure these kids, who need Jesus the most, aren't neglected anymore. And the fact that one of them tried to smoke on the bus just means we are going to love that one more, not less. I know - I know he tried to smoke on the bus we should have kicked him off and told him if he ever did it again he couldn't ride with us, but hey I don't think Jesus would have done that, I mean he is a lost kid acting lost - go figure.

Monday, June 18, 2007

I Don't Think Jesus Would Vote Pro-Life!

Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is the church's involvement in political agendas and affairs. It seems the more certain factions in the church in America push for Christians to go out and vote, and lobby, and sign petitions the more other factions push for us to not get involved. I seem to have been on the fence on this issue for quite some time. Should we be involved - or should we stay out of it? I guess that I have finally figured out where I stand and it really hits home when we look at abortion rights. Let me first explain how I think the Lord Jesus would handle this situation, then I will tell you what I am going to do.

Christian conservatives, which I think I am one of, push for anti-abortion laws because of the sanctity of life, liberals, which I get accused of being one of, often push for pro-choice. I think that if Jesus were walking the earth today he would teach people about the sanctity of life. I think he would speak to them and that his words would try to open their hearts to the truth of how precious each life is. But then I think he would also allow them free will to either chose to sin, or chose to not sin. So by my belief abortion is sin, but I think that Jesus would allow people to sin that way if they wanted to. I believe that we would never see him signing a petition or trying to lobby for another law, actually I think we would see him criticizing, with scalding words of reproach, those who tried to write more laws. That was precisely his issue with many of the religious sects of his days is their extreme legalistic, law writing, scripture twisting ways. Jesus did not try to change the world around him by controlling the laws of the land. He tried to change the world around him by changing one heart at a time. So basically I think Jesus would have totally stayed out of the political side of things. I think Jesus was and is pro-life but also pro-choice. He wants that all should chose life, but he won't force anyone. So here is what I am going to do.

I think abortion laws are totally irrelevant. I think drinking laws, and drug laws are as well. We can not legislate morals. I can lobby, and push for all the great moral laws I want to, but instead I am going to try to change the hearts of the people as I teach them about the Lord Jesus Christ, and what he has done for each and everyone of us. If the whole country were to become born again Spirit filled believers it would not matter what the laws said, abortions would stop because no one would want to. Some of you may think I am a dreamer and a little idealistic. Oh well, I think Jesus was to. I mean he really believed he could change the whole world by dying and being raised again. So when it comes time to vote I am gonna vote for candidates that will use my tax money well, who will govern well, and I am going to do my best to ignore their stance on moral issues because I think it is the churches job to teach people morals not the governments. Please post a reply, I want to know what you think. And please leave your name on it. I am brave enough to attach my name so be brave enough to attach yours even if you don't agree with me.